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Sentence with the word baseballers

A classic detective story, with telepathic baseballers.

This is great for less-talented athletes who want to be big-time baseballers, probably bad for a sport already headed in the wrong direction.

T-ballers could practice by hitting balls on fences, and young baseballers tend to hit more balls at the fences than over them.

Clinton was -- is -- all those things, and there are women, union members, and inside-baseballers who are disappointed at her loss.

Not only from his mother, but also from some of the Travelin Nine, the band of baseballers with whom they were touring the country.

With their dramatic victory back in Louisville, the barnstorming baseballers had earned some of the desperately needed money.

Why is it we can accept baseballers into Hall of Fame with 40% but we expect amateur Vloggers to bat 1.000?

U. of Texas - Longhorn baseballers lose college world series finals.

At the end of the day, in the firmament of baseballers, Kirby Puckett, just as stars of other games in their own firmaments, is to be recognized for what he meant to our psyche and our enthusiasm and our civic pride and team spirit.

Steven Goldman wrote a fine piece in his latest "Pinstriped Bible" about the current state of the Beantown baseballers.

i hate those baseballers they're so annoying,lets just go laxBaseballers never shut up.Forget them bro lets go party

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