baseball bat in a sentence

Sentence with the word baseball bat

me and rick smoked that baseball bat

So you wanna be a hitman for fat Alfredo, skinny Lou? Awrighty, take out Stupid Gianni and Smelly Joe wit dis baseball bat

- "Hey, man. Why'd you need to stay after class?" - "I had a baseball bat. Needed to wait it out...

pimp: so wheres my money hoe? hooker: this is all i got pimp: thats it? im gonna slap you with my baseball bat bitch!

Matt: Whoa dude, why did you just smacked him with a bat?Harvey: That guy is a total douchebag, he spilled a soda in my head, and stole my bag and hid it in a dumpster. So I smashed him with my baseball bat to get a revenge.

My wife was being a bitch so I went to the store to look for a baseball bat. I looked where the weapons were but couldn't find one. Apparently they placed them in the sports section by accident.

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