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Crapper, who was a plumber by trade in the 19th century, is often incorrectly credited for the invention of the flushing toilet, but put his name to a variety of lavatorial inventions, such as the ballcock.

It's not like selling an overpriced ballcock assembly to some jack ass who bought the complete Time-Life Home Repair series at a yard sale.

War reporting ain't like selling ballcock assemblies

And here's a list of 94, with voting on which sounds dirtiest. #1: "ballcock."

When you need to lay pipe or find a new ballcock in New Orleans, look for the overalls-wearing ballerina with the wooden pointer, riding an oversized tool.

One was a French thing with a gear lever like a cistern's ballcock, the other a Fiat.

The last time -- ah, I recklect well, I was called in to see if somethink wasn't wrong with the ballcock in the top cistin.

In the toilette spray versus eau de parfume of purchasing duration calls, you'll have to ballcock your best judgment.

I've researched this on the internet and the reasons seem to be: bad ballcock valve in one of the toilets bad valve in one of the sinks air in the pipes excessively high water pressure from the street

Also, you should previously unusual type of toilet connector back at your visible ballcock or anecdote.

my toilet keeps running. i need to fix the ballcock.

That bitch gave me a right ballcock with that kick I only felt her tit

That guy totally stole your girlfriend, dude you just got ballcocked.

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