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Sentence with the word bacteriochlorophyll

The figure shows how the photosynthetically active components bacteriochlorophyll (BK), bacteriopheophytin (BF), quinone

The FMO is a trimer of proteins, each of which contains seven bacteriochlorophyll-a molecules.

In their work, the scientists have shown that that the states of these bacteriochlorophyll-a molecules could be entangled to one another.

His team examined a bacteriochlorophyll complex found in green sulphur bacteria and discovered that the pigment molecules were similarly wired together in a quantum mechanical network.

Chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll biosynthesis requires the two-electron reduction of protochlorophyllide a ringDbya protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase to form chlorophyllide a. A light-dependent (light-dependent Pchlide oxidoreductase (LPOR)) and an unrelated dark operative enzyme (dark operative Pchlide oxidoreductase (DPOR)) are known.

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