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Sentence with the word augur

Sura xxvii. 48; vii. 128, where, as in this passage, the word augur refers to the mode of divination practised previous to Islam, by the flight of birds.

You haven't ever had it that much better and any change that works for customers longer-term augur well for everybody.

My point is "augur" is the operative word in that analysis.

And it has a tool, which will be able to kind of augur into them, and peek at those rocks, get a sense of what they have to say because they do tell a story about what happened to the water.

He is really the religious head of the community, a kind of augur and prophet, who consults the gods and communicates to the people the answers he claims to have received.

"It doesn't augur well for Venezuela," says Roger Noriega, a former high-ranking state department official during the Bush administration.

If it does, it means that the economy will be performing very badly also, which does not augur well for the stock market, the supposed great alternative solution.

Carney used to be one of us, which might augur that the mutual loathing of the White House media team and some of those in the press corps - a situation that doubtless has boosted Obama's poll numbers - might ease somewhat.

The SEC has the power to ask FINRA to make changes, but the lukewarm comments and the clear advances that the rule filing offers augur for a fast approval.

Though the past is not an absolute predictor or augur of the future, the thought of greater conflagrations cannot be dismissed.

J-Dawg pulled Li'l Skippa' to the ground a full 5 seconds before the Street Boyz gang could off him in a drive-by: "You'se a fuckin' augur, J-dawg," said Skippa' in utmost appreciation.

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  • Sentence for "augur"
  • Synonym for "augur"
    • soothsayer, diviner, prophet, prognosticate, foreshow
  • Verb Forms for "augur"
    • augured, auguring, augurs
  • Rhyme for "augur"
    • auger, blogger, mauger
  • Hypernym for "augur"
    • call, foretell, anticipate, predict, prognosticate
  • Form for "augur"
    • augured, auguring, augury
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