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Sentence with the word artfulness

As you might imagine, this scenario plays out really well in the printed form; however, when translated into the visual, the artfulness is often muddied by other variables.

She observes the wild romantic antics of the other characters from a distance, recalling the artfulness of past romances, regretting the wantonness of "modern" society.

I may or may not succeed in the attempt to elucidate the "artfulness" of these devices, but I am trying to put Affliction itself in a context that will, I hope, provide the reader with a richer experience when reading this novel.

Mr. Arkin said he was impressed at the time by Mr. Pope's "artfulness"; he said he wasn't concerned Mr. Pope would be tainted by the bare-knuckled tactics Mr. Spitzer and his staff used in their battles on Wall Street and in Albany.

Lemon and Reis's awful "artfulness" may be due to their misreading "деланье" as Sher thinks they misread it, or it may be due to their completely missing the meaning of the clause and substituting something bland and kind-of plausible.

That it was more or less the result of his "artfulness," and that he was unduly "puffed up" by it, was, in Hooker's characteristic reasoning, equally clear.

Among gypsy women skill in begging implies the possession of every talent which they most esteem, such as artfulness, cool effrontery, and the power of moving pity or provoking generosity by pique or humor.

And so that was the challenge of this record, and the rule that we came up with for ourselves was that the lyrics need to be direct, and you don't want people guessing what the songs are about, you want them to know, but it also needs to have a certain kind of artfulness and poetry to it.

None of this artfulness will surprise readers who remember "The English Patient" 1992.

Similarly, her wits were sharp and her artfulness consummate, and for all that she was maddeningly gullible.

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  • Synonym for "artfulness"
    • Art, cunning, craft
  • Hyponym for "artfulness"
    • cunning
  • Hypernym for "artfulness"
    • disingenuousness
  • Same Context for "artfulness"
    • craftiness, deceitfulness, wiliness, pussyfooting, curiositie
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