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Sentence with the word anywhere

For some Twitter users Tuesday, anywhere they went on Twitter, they were bounced by the mysterious "@anywhere boosh."

Forrester Research analyst Augie Ray thinks @anywhere could let Twitter be "anywhere you are" and thus pull away from competitors that also want to be providers of real-time updates.

Given Twitter's immense power as a distribution channel, we imagine that @anywhere will become a popular additive and that we'll soon start to see Twitter anywhere and everywhere.

"My wish is to be anywhere with you, papa; _anywhere_ -- even though you may feel me an incumbrance.

In displaying the name of a book's co-author, publishers have four choices: don't show the name anywhere in or on the book; show it only on the book's copyright page; show it on the book's cover in such a way that it reads Author with Co-Author; or show it on the book's cover so that it reads Author and Co-Author.

To get parking during the term anywhere near my office, I have to be in the lot by 8am.

Taking an overnight train anywhere is romantic, right?

“You better not mention her name anywhere near Uncle Jacob,” I warned her bitterly.

It depends what kind of artist you wanna be but I don't want my name anywhere near another brand.

Its that song at the end of episode 23 Where its a woman singning Its a slow song its lovely but i cant seem to find the title anywhere PLEASE HELPP Im trying to look for it but no luck

Are you anywhere? Are you holding?

What have you done on the new website project? Are you anywhere on this thing?

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