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Maybe what those sued should do being that they cannot win anyway is lay down in court so to speak.

Further 1051 E, E. 1, E. 2 states the State of AZ, subdivisions, and agencies MAY NOT be prohibited in anyway from the sharing of a citizens info with theFeds.

Calling sounds like rain or thunder white noise is somewhat of a misnomer, but the makers of downloadable apps and sleep machines use the term anyway.

I think being unhappy in anyway is now against the law

Stephenson makes a very writerly comment in the introduction, how the world of Anathem is not our world but he strives to make it seem familiar by using common terms—while it may not be called "carrot" on their world, he will use the term anyway since the foods are analogous.

That just struck me as dumb, and since I was getting pretty burnt out on the title anyway, that was reason enough to give it up.

The market place is clogged as is and can scarcely hold another title anyway, regardless of how good the work is.

Who the hell bails in the middle of the term anyway?

But the key constitutional question is whether the President can define the term anyway he likes see Wolfowitz's definition, for example and claim that it is consistent with the AUMF.

Victor, of course, would have succeeded to the title anyway on the passing of Papa, but there might have been nothing else.

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