anymore in a sentence

Sentence with the word anymore

I don’t check my email much anymore, at least not the extra email addresses so much anymore . tonight I got this.

"Besides," he added, "when the bottle is poured it's not about the label anymore."

While nobody uses the term anymore, the thinking behind it is still hugely influential on the continent.

On the subject of "splatterpunk": ... to my knowledge no one ever uses the term anymore, other than when they're referring to the time nearly twenty years ago when four writers referred to themselves that way.

Nothing seems reliable in his title anymore, least of all the Spider-Man character in it.

I hear the constant refrain that no one needs a label anymore.

You're right: I don't think liberals delight in the term anymore!

Don't have to have the title anymore for me anyhow.

"Eleven points is too much but our main aim is not the title anymore," he said to the press.

If we fail to win with spurs i don't believe in the title anymore ..

Girl Scout cookies are horrible anymore.

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