antique in a sentence

Sentence with the word antique

When people hear the term antique art, people usually think of paintings.

Quite a few of these old booklets can still be found in antique stores, or online bookstores.

Horchow is a design company specialized in antique decorating ideas.

From that point forward I made an effort to look inside old cameras whenever we would stop in antique stores and Sunday flea markets.

My first and second job was working in antique malls.

(I still need to get the stickers off the front; way to ruin antique furniture, five-year-old me.)

I was wondering where you get teacups like this, as I don't usually see them in antique stores.

When you say you want to "trace", are you trying to ID the locations in antique photos you have?

I don't collect it any more as I have a large number of pieces and it's rarely encountered any more in American antique shops, having become, as they say, "very collectible" with prices soaring to match.

This witch ball, an antique, is one of the decorative, bright types of witch balls which you can still find today all over the internet.

Have you seen Mrs. Coutler's antiques? They are a sight to behold.

whoever falls asleep first is going to get antiqued for sure.

1. Let's go antique his ass! 2. Frank got antiqued SO bad, we even got it on video! Oh shit lemme see. 3. Person1: Oh shit I can't believe you guys did this... shit man. Person2: You got yo ass ANTIQUED frizank!

That girl is dirty, I know because I antiqued her just the other night.

Time to antique that worthless shitfuck.

Let's antique his sleeping ass.

I told him to back the fuck up, but he grabbed a handful of dirt, antiqued me, and proceeded to wail on my face.

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