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Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who is neutral in the presidential race, criticized the commercial, and Romney said the term "anti-immigrant" was an epithet.

Rodriguez Jr., a lobbyist with the Raben Group who has worked pro bono on the museum proposal, citing the economic pressures and what he described as anti-immigrant sentiment.

Earlier this week, Newt Gingrich caught criticism from Florida's Sen. Marco Rubio over an Spanish-language radio ad, in which Mitt Romney was referred to as "anti-immigrant."

Mr. Bloomberg, who has been championing changes to the nation's immigration policy, has called anti-immigrant policies "national suicide."

An unaligned Republican consultant guessed that Romney's outrage over being called anti-immigrant "repulsive" was more effective than the millions in media spots he and his super PAC allies deployed to carpet-bomb Gingrich.

But more than just wreaking criminal mayhem, the fire companies also defended Irish immigrants from attacks by anti-immigrant gangs and from intrusions by moral reformers.

A right-wing group's posters featured a man with dark glasses pointing a gun at the viewer, a play on anti-immigrant sentiment.

We see it anti-immigrant legislation in Arizona, spreading to Mississippi, Georgia and beyond.

Our generation has grown up in the shadow of 9/11, the politicization of LGBT identity, anti-immigrant fervor and a devastating economic recession.

Emanuel mentioned the Tea Party's anti-immigrant stance in Spanish-language robocalls, and del Valle said the endorsement underscored the need for a true progressive candidate.

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