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Sentence with the word anti-gay

Bloggers at lamented Mycoskie's association with what they termed an "anti-gay hate-group."

Two gay Ohio men who say they were arrested and locked up without their trousers have sued over what they call anti-gay bias.

A leading presidential candidate released a gay-baiting ad, the Family Research Council is identified as an anti-gay hate group, and anti-gay bullying has cost many LGBT youth their lives.

They say they were called an anti-gay slur and were denied the chance to get trousers in jail for a day.

Republican candidates can you guess which GOPer this hyperlink goes to? toss around the word "family" as a euphemism for anti-gay sentimentality.

How guilty does King and Spalding feel about briefly defending the anti-gay DOMA law?

And especially if they've specifically made any "anti-gay" political hay -- and then are caught in a homosexual sex scandal -- then they are indeed valid targets for all the ridicule that can possibly be heaped upon them.

Twenty-nine-year-old Barie Shortell's face was shattered in an apparent anti-gay attack in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in February.

Now, I had never eaten at this restaurant because of its alleged anti-gay policies.

In it, Brother Ali, a Muslim rapper from my home state of Minnesota, tells the stories of a young Muslim woman who faces discrimination for wearing a headscarf and a closeted gay teenager who is the son of an anti-gay Christian minister.

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