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Sentence with the word anti-

It was actually an unbroken 900-word anti- Apple screed.

And when anti- abolitionist mobs turned on the blacks in the ghastly riot of 1834, the police and their white neighbors stood by while their houses were torched.

The more populist Mr. Capriles may be the best any anti- chavista can hope for.

This practice started with their vehement rejection of being labeled as “anti-” anything under the guise of being advocates for choice.

By taking it up, he is supposedly going to earn the enmity of the anti- lunar taste-makers who control modern culture.

The demonstrations and sit-ins by anti- and pro-government crowds have taken place daily in cities across Yemen for the past four weeks.

Saneh Jaleh and another male student, Mohammad Mokhtari, were reported to have been killed by gunshots during anti- government demonstrations on Feb. 14.

Feb. 23 Bloomberg -- Iran has identified the people behind the death of two university students in an anti- government rally, Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi said.

To its credit, the movie isn't pro- or anti- anything, just observing what is happening and the human price that is being paid.

It may even seem backward, anti- or pre-technology.

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