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Sentence with the word anthropomorphizing

One characteristic of humans is to relate to animals, plants and even mechanical devices as if they are humans, what psychologists call anthropomorphizing.

It doesn't matter that there involves "anthropomorphizing" to the extent of dealing with qualities such as rationality, foresight, and creativity.

I really don't think it's "anthropomorphizing" to say that confined animals feel a loss of freedom and its accompanying misery.

The problem with those games is that they were single player so if you hated anyone then you were anthropomorphizing which is a "pathetic fallacy" in which you see intelligence in something that has no consciousness.

Next time a staffer or congressman * you like* uses Twitter to put out views that * you approve of* I'll wait for this same editorial to pop up about how awful it is when new media leads to "anthropomorphizing" of governmental institutions. hello by yavuzata on June 25, 2009 - 10: 55am

This sort of "anthropomorphizing" comes up all the time in political rhetoric about small businesses.

As an educational practice this can sometimes work, but it has problems (such as the misleading messages inherent in "anthropomorphizing").

Those of you trying to ascribe a single motive for a decision of a market are anthropomorphizing the market.

Consciously or not, Bernanke performed a little rhetorical misdirection by anthropomorphizing this figure.

Mr. Nicholls, who wrote "Lonesome George" 2006 about a giant tortoise, has become enough of a pandologist himself to resent the anthropomorphizing of pandas and to scorn the commercial bonanza of panda-related kitsch.

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