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You may hear strains of '80s British bands such as Echo and the Bunnymen and the Cure, see common ground with contemporaries such as Arcade Fire and rock to the sound of what the mags call anthemic choruses.

To address the problem, it ' s running television commercials featuring know-it-all New Yorkers like a hot-dog vendor discussing the art world ' s treatment of Jean-Michel Basquiat and a construction worker holding forth on the " anthemic " appeal of recent Broadway productions.

Anyways, Etacarinae plays a kind of anthemic style of crust that I'm not so big on, but they probably make up for their shortcomings in energy, as do many bands in this genre.

You can tell they were "anthemic" because they had entire sections in which the singer sang "oh-way-oh" (or, alternatively "Oh-oh-oh") and the audience joined in enthusiastically without having to worry about remembering any lyrics.

Enrique Iglesias, and the music is a little melodramatic-it's the kind of anthemic sound that's much more appealling if you can belt out the lyrics along with the recording, which will probably take me a few more listens (of course, I'll be at a disadvantage, seeing as I'm an English speaker, but I've never let that stop me before).

Auf Der Strasse Nach Suden - and the song has a certain "anthemic" qualities that lent itself the wave of protest sweeping Eastern Europe and Germany in particular that year.

Or is Cold War Kids trying too hard to keep up with the shifting sands of this week's anthemic-band-of-the-moment?

Just a few months ago, it seemed to stream out every open car window in the city — a pliant reggae tune that ripens into something anthemic using just a few spare ingredients: That twinkling piano line, those sputtering bass notes, an erratic snare drum and the pining patois of Gyptian, a 26-year-old native of St. Andrew, Jamaica now riding a white-hot summer into the soggy chills of fall.

Best known for the anthemic "Born Slippy" on the "Trainspotting" soundtrack, techno duo Underworld enjoys a reputation as one of the world's finest live acts.

Most every track is anthemic, and grand, even when smaller might serve it better.

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