antagonism in a sentence

Sentence with the word antagonism

And even when they do manage to notice a rise in antagonism, they somehow employ the wrong strategy to placate it.

Antagonism never lulled revolution, and antagonism is about all the capitalist class offers.

I think that relationship of antagonism is pretty damn important to that type of fiction, and the fundamental difference in attitude between that and "pro-strange" WFA winners is a point of interest, surely.

That my own rhetoric of antagonism is just as deserving of destruction as that of those monomaniacs I'm opposing.

The CPIM believes in the genesis and development of the Tatas, Birlas, etc. through basically long-term antagonism with the British Capital.

Some historians closer to the CPI have been pedalling for long such a distorted view on “the long-term antagonism and short-term accommodation and dependence” of the big bourgeoisie in India during the freedom movement which advanced “towards a bourgeois nation state and independent development.”

But despite this new knowledge, the mystery of the LSD-serotonin antagonism persisted.

There is a certain antagonism between the hypophysis and the pancreas.

When the antagonism is increased, poetry replaces the subordinate thought of the politician who makes poetry into an idea that can be exploited or extinguished.

There are evidences around us now that antagonism is breaking down and a more friendly opinion stirring.

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    • opposition
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