answering in a sentence

Sentence with the word answering

"That is what you call answering, avowing that there is nothing to answer."

"More liberties," Janet indignantly declared, and after the first visitation or two she resolutely set her face against what she called the answering of impertinent questions.

Something must have passed between the two which satisfied the writer that the bishop acknowledged his own sovereign under some title answering to Prester John.

The opening weekend is only the first step, but it's a vital one in answering these questions.

So the question those experienced pilots should be answering, is how hard is it to hit a big building at all?

I was reading an essay of Saleeby's the other day, and the best Saleeby could say was that Herbert Spencer NEARLY succeeded in answering Berkeley.

Also, in answering your other question, I think to contact him you should write an honest-to-god letter and send it via snail mail.

I am so sorry for the delay in answering, I thought I answered you right away, but I must have hit the wrong button and lost the response in cyberspace.

Thank you as well for your patience and kindness in answering questions that have probably been asked on previous occasions. lsvgspepe

All summer, this President, who up until now hasn't put forth a concrete plan of his own he can be held accountable for, and his party, have deliberately refused to provide details of their other plans, except for exception of HR3200, and have not been responsive in answering questions about that plan from us.

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  • Synonym for "answering"
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  • Verb Forms for "answering"
    • answered, answering, answers
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    • agree, serve, satisfy, settle, ask
  • Same Context for "answering"
    • reply, statement, explanation, message, speech
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