anonymous in a sentence

Sentence with the word anonymous

It was an _anonymous_ Collection; and, as being anonymous, seemed to have no claim upon Christians.

The man, who wants to remain anonymous, is believed to have picked up the disease when he lived in Indonesia.

One Democratic fundraiser, who wishes to remain anonymous, is convinced that the answer is no.

He did not give any further explanation about why he set up the company and kept his name anonymous initially.

Taken in its classic definition, the term anonymous might refer to that without characteristic something so devoid of distinction that it refuses its own identity.

Commissioner Fivaz described opposition from what he called anonymous police officials and certain police unions to the impending shake-up in the South African Police Service, as disappointing.

When I would make speeches I would refer always to what I called the anonymous greats.

And a bunch of other bad things I'd rather not reveal even if you're keeping my name anonymous.

Throughout his life, Sori Yanagi was inspired by what he called "anonymous design" - he cited the Jeep and a baseball glove as two examples - and he in turn inspired younger designers, like Naoto Fukasawa, Tom Dixon and Jasper Morrison.

They said committee investigators had interviewed GlaxoSmithKline and agency employees as well as what it called anonymous whistleblowers.

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  • Synonym for "anonymous"
    • nameless, unnamed, unknown, unidentified, faceless
  • Phrases for "anonymous"
    • anonymous benefactor, anonymous tip, anonymous sources, anonymous donor, anonymous caller
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    • autonomous, synonymous
  • Equivalent for "anonymous"
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