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Consuelo and Sunny officially divorced in 1921, and after obtaining an annulment from the Pope (as Sunny had converted to Catholicism and the Balsan family viewed the marriage between Consuelo and Jacques as unsanctioned due to her divorce), Gladys finally became the (2nd) 9th Duchess of Marlborough at age 40.

I suspect that Hanover could get an annulment if she pressed for one — Giulianni was cheating on her and one of the reasons that an annulment is often granted is if one of the parties had “no intention of fidelity” when they got married in the first place.

Some called the annulment “a ruling handed down in Kandahar” and “a real fatwa against the emancipation of women,” the BBC said.

My father tried to get around various court decrees by claiming that my mother was still legally married to him, until there was an annulment from a rabbi, called a get.

When King Henry VIII of England decided to divorce Catherine of Aragorn to marry Anne Boleyn, he sought an annulment from the Pope.

You go on to talk more about, you know, the whole idea -- I don ` t know if you use the word annulment, but basically Martin Luther looked the other way.

Four of the postulants have had marriages that ended in annulment; two never married.

They got an annulment, which is why the non-consummation bit is important.

An annulment is a declaration that the marriage "never existed" - usually because one of the partners had some impediment that the other did not know about.

Father: "Son, your Mother and I are getting a divorce." Son: "Isn't that the same thing as an annulment?" Father: "No Son, your Mother and I had sex, and in turn, you, therefore we cannot get an annulment.

dude you're getting a divorce, again?" "nah, im getting an annulment

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