annual in a sentence

Sentence with the word annual

"ANNIVERSARY" called a splendid annual, I hope for sympathy from its readers, seeing that I have been a "_splendid annual_" myself.

If you are not familiar with the way we plant annuals in South Texas, then you might be surprised that the term annual doesn't mean it will last for a year.

To-morrow night he holds what he calls his annual 'town-meeting' -- a fake and a joke.

The AFL supports the financially challenged, such as North Melbourne, the Western Bulldogs and Melbourne, through what it calls the annual special distribution, but to receive the funding, clubs must show that they are fiscally responsible and give head office an in-depth plan, with budgets and so forth.

Taking what he called his annual leave of absence, the Kyrgyz president had intended to return to Bishkek on March 16.

In recent years, Canada has experienced a jump in annual refugee claims by Mexicans from 5 to 3000.

And with less money, you want to add another $600 Billion in annual spending?

Medicare has played only a very minor role in annual deficits, as well.

To cover the approximately $1 trillion in annual “defense” expenditures, the gas tax right now would have to be on the order of $10 a gallon.

Versus, paying about $70 million in annual NHL rights fees and in its fourth season of covering the league, this year drew its best regular-season ratings and, so far, its best playoff ratings.

fat conroy came over and took an annual, then left. Next day he took another one, it smelled funkayyyy.

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