annoys in a sentence

Sentence with the word annoys

I love the fact that Sarah Palin annoys liberals – I look forward to her staying in the limelight!

That the word annoys Orin Kerr would “obviously” make me take the word “obviously” out of a brief were he the judge though.

That the word annoys Orin Kerr would “obviously” make me take the word “obviously” out of a brief were he thejudge.

The Maoist label annoys Barroso, because it suggests he has come in from the fringe, when most of the current Lisbon elite spent 1975 in the streets.

Constant attacks don't help - why do you read this site if Iain annoys you so much?

I have to admit the 'neolib' label annoys the hell out of me since I'm so antisocial I prefer to think I'm not part of any group.

Another thing that annoys is me that she sits around moping and doesn’t do anything about it.

The title character annoys us before his first on-screen appearance.

"If my name annoys you, I can get it changed by the legislature, you know, and I can find out what my father's name was, and take that.

I nearly wrote "gone", but sometimes that word annoys me, because it sidesteps the difficult word, "dead", which is the truth.

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  • Synonym for "annoys"
    • trouble, vex, perplex, pester, molest
  • Antonym for "annoys"
    • please, elate, pacify, calm
  • Verb Forms for "annoys"
    • annoyed, annoying, annoys
  • Phrases for "annoys"
    • mother annoys, It annoys, annoys somebody, that annoys, annoys them
  • Rhyme for "annoys"
    • Elroy, Floy, Goy, Illinois, Joy
  • Hyponym for "annoys"
    • harass, plague, eat into, harry, get
  • Hypernym for "annoys"
    • displease
  • Cross Reference for "annoys"
    • irritate, trouble, tease
  • Same Context for "annoys"
    • Embarrass, irritate, unpleasant, disturb, uncomfortable
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