annoyingly in a sentence

Sentence with the word annoyingly

Some people are just plain annoyingly stupid or partisan. ... maybe those two are the same thing.

My reaction was to ask Rodney Tom and Dick Chapin - annoyingly featured via uncontrollable audio at the site's main page - have you no brain?

They combined for seven fumbles, two missed field goals and 14 penalties, including four by the Giants on one late drive that had Coughlin annoyingly yelling at his team to '' stay calm '' as they tried to salt this one away.

For instance, no one ever needed to repeat themselves in case you didn't hear, no one shared the same name, talked at the same time or had a word annoyingly "on the tip of their tongue."

Instantly, I recalled the annoyingly ubiquitous "hide" icon that appeared whenever I moved my cursor above any status update.

Also, it's not a straight tube, but kind of annoyingly conic.

We're also sure he knew he'd be apologizing for the Playboy interview as soon as it was over, which is kind of annoyingly calculated.

If it turns out the players perform "annoyingly" well and make a name for themselves in the playoffs and become more expensive, then you'll have the extra revenue to afford the bigger contracts anyway.

If heterosexual, having sex with a female human being "annoyingly" (to boy-men) means men have to be "responsive" and … imagine this: unselfish.

« Reply #2397 on: Today at 04: 48: 59 PM » oh good grief theyve censored panties and bra, what kind of annoyingly innocent world are we lving in when we send people to go kill people half way around the world but we cant let a scorned woman say panties and bra in her art!!!!

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