anna in a sentence

Sentence with the word anna

We haven't seen the hybrids again, and now D'anna is shooting herself repeatedly to try and conjure her own Special Revelation between death and resurrection.

The oldest inmate of the home is Tatha, a 101-year-old man, who is fondly called 'anna' - meaning elder brother in the Kannada language - by other inmates and staff.

Videlicet, sir, this week a fellow captive is minus a finger and thumb -- and all for oversight of six annas {the anna is the 16th part of a rupee}.

Suniel Shetty is not called anna for any reason: director Kabir Sadanand

W. r.t Condoleeza Rice -- which "anna" has brought up a few times -- the Jake Tapper blog post over at ABC News indicates that unless Obama saw that a cabinet member would be well outside of the mainstream, he would approve of that cabinet member.

Throne, men will swear falsely for an "anna" or two.

We filled and frosted like the Hostess cupcakes, and piped on the birthday girl’s name anna with the marshmallow icing to look like the signature 7 loop swirl!

'Of food' comprises the senses of smell and taste together: it denotes the sense of smell on the ground that that sense is connected with earth, which may be 'food,' and the sense of taste in so far as 'anna' may be also explained as that by means of which eating goes on (adyate).

From this 'anna' there spring successively breath, mind, and all other effected things up to work, which is the means of producing reward in the form of the heavenly world, and Release.

Granted that D'anna's still on Earth, but stranger things have happened in this series.

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