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Sentence with the word ankles

Showing your ankles is not done for a lady such as Ellenora.

You know the drunkest yob will ‘allege’ they were set upon, so arrest the ‘alleged victim’ BEFORE the said rowdies get around to claiming this chap rushed up to them from nowhere and injured their hands with his chin, made them sprain ankles by laying on the ground just where they were kicking, &c

Needs further lower body development (slender legs and thin ankles) ...

Got my Cindy-Lou Who from Whoville socks on -- red wool with fur at the cuffs too, but the fur around my ankles is minky brown.

Shively on the screen, Shively: I had, ah, some injuries that declared I had, cuts on my arm and ankles from the ejection, and they took me right away

Their lower garment, or sarong, reaching from the waist to the ankles, is usually of red cotton of a small check, with stripes in the front, above which is worn a loose sleeved garment, called a kabaya, reaching to the knees, and clasped in front with silver or gold, and frequently with diamond ornaments.

It is bad enough to be quite well aware that the size of one's hands and feet prematurely foreshadow the future growth of one's figure; that these are the more prominent because the simple dresses of the unintroduced young lady seem to be perpetually receding from one's bony wrists above, and shrinking toward the calves of one's legs below, from those thin ankles on which one is impelled to stand by turns (like a sleeping stork) through some mysterious instinct of relieving the weak and overgrown spine.

He could not feel even his weight on his feet, although the ankles were aching painfully.

I want to revamp Superman like Hillary wants thin ankles.

I was almost out of the park when a puffy, partially domesticated rat creature on about forty feet more leash than was warranted got it in its head that my ankles were the enemy.

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