angers in a sentence

Sentence with the word angers

Aniston's derogatory term angers mentally disabled

Supporters call it a compromise, but the idea angers groups that have long fought for a statewide ban on indoor public smoking.

"He respects the fact that Ian can be out and as happy as he is ... but you'll see that it also kind of angers Teddy."

It kind of angers me that this movie will do so good since it is all that is wrong with popcorn movies today.

And the radio chuckleheads are yukking it up and trying to pry delicious golden nuggets of gossipy goodness from Mr. Goldenpubes and Mr. Goldenpubes is giving them curt one-word answers and sounding all vaguely miffed and stuff and it suddenly occurs to me that they're probably paying this nasal knob for his "Hollywood Insider" knowledge and that really kind of angers me.

Having to do everything on the Nexus One's screen is a pain and it kind of angers me that Google hasn't seen fit to release software to make the configuration easier.

It is our (and yes my) failure -- but it still "angers" my firm.

Anytime anybody says anything about why she has so many kids it kind of angers me.

Telling the world would probably reignite angers and lead to a nuclear holocaust.

"If you're ashamed to be seen with me --" Mary blurted, with one of her old quick angers.

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