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So, as Tea Partiers and newly re-energized Republicans take up the term anew, now's a perfect time to ask: What is freedom, anyway?

The final line, transferred here from Frankford to Susan with venomous impact, makes us ponder the title anew.

And so I jumped at your analogy, ignoring the Neibuhrian incongruity between individual and nation that makes earning our way off our meds something for individuals to aspire to, but for nations never to finally accomplish, each succeeding generation needing to reclimb that mountain anew, given base human nature.

Much of the literature of Africa continues to be a testament of turmoil, oppression, corrupt ‘democratic’ dictatorships born anew from the gnarled roots of colonialism and the word for existence: apartheid.

In a future where Mother Earth has cast her children to the distant stars to begin anew and colonize the cosmos, the planet remains depleted of natural resources.

MB Promotes Literacy through Book Project Helping young people create powerful relationships with books through personal experience of taking them apart and recreating them anew is one step towards changing attitudes.

The brief thought of Brydon caused the mental shouting of the Falaran to begin anew and he winced against the strength of it.

We need to begin anew, announcing to the world that we are here, as is, in very human form, wanting to become better partners to what's before us, desiring to leave this place better off than we found it.

We are grateful to begin anew with a far more robust Democratic majority.

 FlashForward will begin anew on March 4, 2010, with V picking back up on March 30, 2010.

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