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Sentence with the word anesthesia

The word "anesthesia" comes from a Greek word meaning absence or loss of sensation.

Regional anesthesia is the most popular form of anesthesia offered to women in labor.

While some standards, such as those in anesthesia, are clear and easily complied with, others, such as in obstetrical cases, are complicated and can be contradictory.

If sedation or general anesthesia is scheduled, it is best to make arrangements for care of your other children ahead of time and to have a second adult present to help assist you.

He must still be drunk on the anesthesia from the “Hair-lip” surgery ..

Although general anesthesia will alleviate most of the pain of the fetus, additional anesthesia is provided to the fetus directly during the operation.

If you are applying for the combined fellowship in anesthesia/pediatric anesthesia/pediatric critical care, the application is not through ERAS.

General anesthesia is administered to provide complete pain relief for the mother.

In keeping with The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia policy, all female patients who have begun menstrual periods must have either a blood or urine pregnancy test before anesthesia is given.

There is no federal rule that requires anesthesiologists 'involvement in anesthesia care, he said.

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