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Sentence with the word anecdotal

The court paperwork also claimed, based on what it called anecdotal accounts, shoppers no longer wanted to come to the mall, and the clientele that had stayed had caused more crime.

This is all what we call anecdotal -- we don't have large numbers to substantiate this, but we think that there may be a potential for patients to get out of the hospital sooner.

I thought this was a new low in anecdotal reporting from the Times.

If you want to think about this in anecdotal terms, consider former congressman Chris Shays (R-CT), famous for several cycles for being the Republican with the most-Democratic district in the House.

One of his comments, though anecdotal, is interesting because it suggests that children and adults receive stories in very different ways.

The slight note of annoyance may have been as much a reaction to what in anecdotal evidence has been described as Tsietsi's somewhat pompous and arrogant attitude as it was an indication of Morobe's disappointment at or criticism of the departure of their leader.

This phenomenon is difficult to measure because it was not systematically recorded, although it was frequently referred to in anecdotal evidence of the period. 3

It's also far too steeped in anecdotal evidence and what people want it to reveal.

It traces, in anecdotal rather than dry historical terms, the development of Maclean Hunter in parallel with the development of Canada.

Each code contains different information; some access video of artists talking about the piece the visitor is viewing or video of the artist installing the work, some display still images and background information, while others contain short anecdotal text messages about the pieces they are near.

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