anchor in a sentence

Sentence with the word anchor

KAHN: Fatima�Renteria says she's never heard the term anchor baby before.

Maybe the term anchor would be better applied to the right-wingers who stay angry all the time and keep us stuck in the squalid port of stagnation and division, rather than allowing us to move out to the bright and sunny wide open sea of progress and care for others.

With the setting "At Top of Structure", the label anchor point will be at the top of the structure.

WF: I won't ever release an album without completing what I call an "anchor song;" a song which encompasses the broad story the overall record is meaning to tell and, without which, the record would not make functional and fluid sense.

Clinton even pointed out what he called the anchor's clever smirk.

It only now occurred to Wallingford that Mary herself might be interested in what she called the anchor chair.

Attached diagonally to a corner of each rectangle, and weighting it like an anchor, is a softly stepped cast-bronze form suggesting stone or relic, but also swinging pendulum and parasite.

I dont know who the women news anchor is but I really dont think she is too old for Twilight!

My anchor is actually remembering eating nachos, and I trigger it by eating nachos.

An anchor is what you give the high-profile white guys, you know. ...

Edgar hated John Doe. Edgar hated John Doe so much that dropping an anvil or weight on his head simply wouldn't suffice. So, Edgar dropped an anchor on John Doe. As a result, John Doe was splattered AND cleaved messily in half.

“Dude last night i anchored the girl that I brought home. ”“Wow that is awesome you had you at your total control.”

He's my anchor. You know, he keeps me calm on days everything seems to go wrong.

We were about to lose the match, but Flynn was anchor and made a clutch one-flip for the game winner. Brett was being a dick as anchor and decided to flip behind the back since we were so far ahead.

Guy, I need to go get some coin from the atm. You comming?" "Na-na dude, I'll just anchor here till you get back bro.

Ex. Swimming relay. Put Sarah as the anchor, she's got the fastest time.

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    • stop, anchoret
  • Verb Forms for "anchor"
    • anchored, anchoring, anchors
  • Phrases for "anchor"
    • anchor chair, Bloom anchor, anchor reporter-type, post-star anchor, TV anchor
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    • anker, banker, canker, danker, hanker
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    • aweigh
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    • anchored, anchoring
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    • sail, mast, cable, boat, rope
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    • egg-and-dart, egg-and-tongue, achorman, anchorwoman, anchorperson
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