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… 1. For the purposes of this essay, I will mostly be using the term anarchism as shorthand for individualist anarchism; since the defense of anarchism I will offer rests on individualist principles, it will not provide a cogent basis for communist, primitivist, or other non-individualist forms of anarchism.

We are not using the term anarchism as shorthand for armed activities.

And the word anarchism has been so stripped of substance that it has come to be equated with chaos and nihilism.

The term anarchism derives from the Greek anarchos, meaning "without rulers."

Then what you call anarchism would just be what I call libertarianism except that in

But did these traditional anarchists actually agree with contemporary social anarchists’ interpretive claims about the meaning of the term anarchism, or the essential features of the anarchist tradition?

Bush's belief that economic anarchism is the best and only way has nearly led to a collapse of the U.S.

If our abhorrence for, say, anarchism is purely visceral, we can hardly say we've made a willful choice to eschew it in favor of republican democracy.

Perhaps the strongest attack on "anarchism" - certainly the most vitriolic - was made by Ayn Rand.

Russia is in anarchism; Germany and Austria have collapsed; Italy is on the point of collapse; France is struggling under her burden; England alone is carrying the burden -- (Applause) Men have made maps, drawn boundary lines between nations, but in the sight of God and in the sight of economists those boundary lines are not recognized, and ultimately, whatever our nation, whatever our creed, whatever the group to which we belong, we must all suffer and prosper together in the end.

1) I would like to vote for someone who belives in Anarchism, but they don't often stand for election. 2) In a society organised by Anarchism no-one should force anyone else to do something.

Examples of Anarchism are all around us. Like when a stop light goes out and the all drivers take turns crossing the street, during a mosh pit at a punk show when all those in the mosh pit help someone up who has fallen instead of trampling them or at a dinner where all those eating divide the duties of the meal up equally. Anarchism is basically voluntary human cooperation. It's mutual trading out of respect for each other as oppose to trading based on the forces you can bring to bare on each other. It's order without oppression and Democracy without goverment. Those who are uneducated about the history of Anarchism will tell you that it will never work. In all actuallity it does work to varying degrees. Burning Man, the E.Z.L.N, the Spanish Revolution, the Paris commune and African tribes are just some of the many examples to name a few. There are many forms of Anarchism. Ranging from but not limited to, Anarcho-Primitism to Anarcho-Feminism to Anarcho-Communism or to my owm personal choice, Anarcho-Syndicalism. Some key Anarchist thinkers include but once again are not limited to Emma Goldman, Peter Kropotkin, John Zerzan, Pierre Proudhon and Rudolf Rocker. On a personal note, I would ask everyone reading this to set aside they're prejudices and actually read up on the subject if it so intruges them.

Most of you twits know nothing about anarchism and are really ignorant about the subject.

no, i don't shop at hot topic, nor do i like all those poser bands so many enjoy. hot topic is overpriced crap and it's very contrdictary to buy anarchy merchandise there becasue it has sales tax which goes to the government. MAKE YOUR OWN CLOTHES AND JEWELRY!

For all the people who decide to bash anarchism go away. Anarchy means no government It does not mean lack of order!

If you want the truth, I suggest you look into the books on anarchism, such as Kropotkin's Conquest of Bread.

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