analyzing in a sentence

Sentence with the word analyzing

The second area to spend some time in analyzing is how you give him control of the relationship, and thus your feelings.

Even in analyzing the tidal force correctly, he cannot control it.

(And I, too, believe in analyzing games based on how well they succeed at being the games their designers want them to be.)

But with little amount of time spent in analyzing the design, before converting them into 3d models would have made the product to look better and functional.

He has also been a pioneer in analyzing the role of institutions, such as property rights, for economic development, as well as the importance of different types of transaction costs.

Vaughn Cordle at AirlineForecasts says when he ran the market-concentration formulas that regulators use in analyzing the antitrust implications of the merger, a merged United and Continental didn't set off alarms.

I think you have to be very careful about defining what “consumer surplus” is, and in analyzing when people (as citizens and stewards of the earth not just “consumers”) are actually better off and when they just feel better off.

One of the keys phrases in analyzing the bombing would be “wanton devastation not justified by military necessity.”

But in analyzing the specious “what if Tijuana or Vancouver BC started lobbing rockets at us” analogy the point is NOT that “the Canadians would arrest” the rocketeers.

However, simple and inexpensive computer programs enable you to keep track of your small business accounts quickly, and give you a lot more power in analyzing your expenses, following up on customers, and preparing your taxes.

Dude, it's a long drive. Commence analyzing. Check out that anal ranger coming up on the left.

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