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Data for 1993-1004 was analyzed from the National Automotive Sampling System Crashworthiness Data Set (NASS-CDS), an ongoing study of more than 5,000 accidents each year, in which trained investigators look at wrecked vehicles, read through police reports, and talk to accident victims.

The first thing that has to be analyzed is what coin is being sold.

Last week we learned that Oz, one of the first to have his full genome analyzed, is a man whose DNA reveals addictive tendencies, Neanderthal roots and a common ancestor with Stephen Colbert.

The DNA analyzed is not connected with the obvious physical differences between the races.

-- Business cycle fluctuations in production are best analyzed from a starting point that sees them as fluctuations around the sustainable long-run trend (rather than as declines below some sustainable potential output level).

Uber-fiction-agent Donald Maass, in his Writing the Breakout Novel book and workbook, tells us that one key characteristic of the 100 bestselling novels that he analyzed is that the authors created protagonists that readers cared about.

A different approach used by Heekyung Youn and Arkady Shemyakin analyzed data over a five-year period from joint and last-survivor annuities (where payments are made so long at least one partner is still alive).

But if it is analyzed from a genetic perspective it may not be so subjective.

Randy Morin analyzed the links from this weblog, based on the OPML archive I made available yesterday.

CBO reports -- using the verb "analyzed" -- to argue that Obama "lied" in his claims about health care.

il analyze you if u dnt shut up dat cunt got analyzed... :D

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