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Incidentally, imprecision about who "the rich" are is a persistent flaw in analyses like his.

The preliminary safety findings that have been realised by the DSMB do seem to indicate that the cardiovascualar effects, which were analysed as being pretty minor in the preliminary analyses from the lead-in period that have been published, do have a clinically significant negative effect in the long term.

The problem with many of these analyses is that they are taking a snapshot of current conditions.

What this comes down to under BOTH our analyses is three possible bad results:

Hopefully, someday, I will publish coin-by-coin analyses of these sets, with opinions from several experts.

If you have a political system, political parties who are determined to block any substantive measure, well, no amount of economic analyses is going to give you a way to solve the unemployment problem without actually spending any money without actually doing anything.

Lost in many analyses is the simple fact that 2010 marks another step toward the complete privatization of America's election process.

I consider a part of my medievalist heritage to be feminism, and so I take a very keen interest in analyses of pop culture which are interested in the representation of women.

Our approach, which combines the use of specific primers and phylogenetic analyses, is generally applicable towards the detection of cryptic biodiversity in unexplored and species-rich areas like north-east India.

His long-term analyses of precipitation began in 1963 at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in New Hampshire, which he co-founded in 1962.

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