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Dr. Priestley founds, not on the _resemblance or analogy, _ but on the _essential difference_, between created and uncreated intelligence; but, in point of fact, the _difference_, great and real as it is, has no bearing on the only question at issue; it is the _resemblance or analogy_ between all thinking beings and the

The inference of intelligence from marks of design in nature is not one of analogy, but of strict and proper _induction_; and accordingly we must either deny that there are marks of _design_ in nature, thereby discarding the _analogy_, or do violence to our own reason by resisting the fundamental law of causality, thereby discarding the inductive inference.

As for the cost of setting these things up - the Mr and Mrs Britain analogy is a good one.

But what I take Wittgenstein to be suggesting is: Take the label analogy seriously; and then you'll see how little of language is like that.

Hence, Whately uses the term analogy as an expression for the similarity of relation, and in this regard the use of analogy for our real work has no special significance.

The word analogy has appeared in 239 New York Times articles in the past year, including on Oct. 18 in "Not Such a Stretch to Reach for the Stars," by Kenneth Chang:

Neither analogy is accurate, neither brings our country honor.

Your analogy is also pretty screwed, I think even Bob81 would agree with me on that one.

This analogy is almost always noted without further comment, although in fact it may be taken further.

Okay the analogy is about to break down because reading a lot of different books is considered literate rather than promiscuous.

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