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Social networks, those loose, busy and self-absorbing communities of Facebookers and Twitterers, have always invited analogies from the insect world.

But I think the observation of analogies is appropriate and useful to make and will fit comfortably in mainstream science.

The trouble with these historical analogies is that the real deciding factor has not been victory in the battlefield, but post-Victory reconstruction.

The one thing I hate with historical (hysterical) analogies is that, in many cases, technology has improved so much that these analogies may not apply any more.

Meyerhof was also interested in analogies between oxygen respiration in muscle and alcoholic fermentation in yeast and the role that enzymes played in both. 1918 marked the first experimental milestone in Meyerhof's career, when he showed that a coenzyme involved in the production of lactic acid in muscle was the same coenzyme as Harden and Young had found involved in alcohol fermentation in yeast.

Also, that mixing and mangling metaphors and analogies is good for the soul.

And Laurie Colwin, despite the Austen analogies, is one of them.

I think that the issue of historical analogies is unimportant if they stay within bounds.

I felt that the twin analogies were contrived for Margaret, then mad at myself because how would I know?

This would naturally be the case, since the single external and singular referent, and at the same time the generator of all these figures and analogies, is the sun — which produces rays, light, heat, life, true life, and so forth.

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