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These happy emotions secrete a quality in the blood called anabolism, which is essentially vitalizing and life-producing.

There are two metabolic mechanisms involved in aging that are constantly operating in our body called anabolism and catabolism.

He thinks of the world as an animal organism subject to what are now called anabolism and catabolism.

Just as the word metabolism can be used to describe processes in a whole organism, the terms "anabolism" and "catabolism" can similarly be used in this way.

An athlete's body constantly fluctuates between lean-tissue accumulation (amino-acid usage for building/repair or "anabolism") and lean-tissue breakdown (amino-acid usage for energy or

Surprisingly, one recent study done on young men even concluded that "low-load high volume resistance exercise is more effective in inducing acute muscle anabolism than high-load low volume or work matched resistance exercise modes."

Increasing anabolism to more effectively counteract catabolism is key to the art of graceful aging.

One of the most important is that between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous Systems; the former stimulates catabolism, the latter assimilation or anabolism.

In sharp contrast, amino acid ingestion alone significantly increases muscle protein anabolism after resistance exercise.

However, consumption of both amino acids and carbohydrate results in much greater effects on muscle protein anabolism, suggesting an interactive effect between insulin, amino acid availability and resistance exercise 1.

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