amuse in a sentence

Sentence with the word amuse

I'd like a little sorbetto made of brain amuse-bouche, amuse-bouche, he will peel you like a mango

"I suppose you will want to, what you call amuse yourself, to see the beasts at Exeter Change, and the playhouses.

Carla Hall Lyons who "amuse" - bouched us with her lovingly prepared culinary creations and hilarious quips.

The amuse was a goat cheese ball, rolled in parsley and resting on a spoon with tart preserves.

I love the idea of amuse bouche through out the meal...

The amuse was a cucumber with an amazing swirl of what I think was minted cream on top.

I am not objecting to the amusement; only to cease to educate in order to amuse is to degenerate.

The distracted peruke-maker may have had his wrongs -- perhaps such a one as that of poor Triboulet the fool, in "Le Roi s'amuse" -- and his own sound reasons for blowing down the

So much did the idea amuse me, that I took to scribbling about it under the trees in the park; and in a few days had made some progress in a poem, in which I had given a description of the place, under the name of Doubting Castle, and personified my uncle as

The amuse is a pâté of arctic char which is smokey, savory, and fishy, served with crispy, slightly bitter parsnip chips.

Hey, D you want an amuse before hitting the club???

I was amused at the monkey's antics. They amused themselves playing cards.

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  • Synonym for "amuse"
    • deceive, beguile, please, divert, entertain
  • Verb Forms for "amuse"
    • amused, amuses, amusing
  • Phrases for "amuse"
    • Others amuse, amuse themselves, yes amuse, to amuse, may amuse
  • Rhyme for "amuse"
    • Chartreuse, Cruz, Druse, Druze, Hughes
  • Hypernym for "amuse"
    • entertain
  • Form for "amuse"
    • amusement
  • Same Context for "amuse"
    • fascinate, humorous, pleasant, funny, attractive
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