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Researchers are using Guitar Hero to help train amputees who will use electrical signals from their residual muscles to control next generation bionic arms.

Sara Yehoshua (b. 1926 in Chalkis), known as Sarika, at the age of fourteen became a nurse in her native Chalkida, the capital city of the island of Euboea, where wounded soldiers and amputees from the Albanian front were sent.

The amputees are the most visible reminder of the extensive use of landmines during the last three decades of the Twentieth Century.

"as many as 150,000" quake amputees, which is "almost 2% of the nation's 9 million people," the magazine writes.

She alleges that victims of war such as amputees are used like plastic dolls for display, that aid is coolly used by the local military, via taxes and staff hiring, as a way of funding war, and that refugee camps are handy bases for hiding soldiers.

The next step is to work with a real multifingered dexterous hand and equip it as a prosthesis for trans-radial amputees, meaning those who retain a portion of their arm below the elbow.

In Afghanistan, Canadian soldiers search a barn and amputees try out prosthetic legs.

YĆ©le Haiti recently paid airfare for Montanti's organization to bring three young amputees from Haiti to Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia.

This program will integrate the multiple organizations already providing cost-free prosthetic care to Haitians, such as Project Medishare, so that amputees will receive necessary life-long care, including replacement of prosthetics as children grow.

Batzdorff began making artificial limbs in the late 1970s, prompted by a desire to help soldiers who had returned from Vietnam as amputees.

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