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Sentence with the word amply

It seems to me that this thread once again amply demonstrates how Mike prefers arguing with certain 'critics' above others, i.e. B's and C's (according to his classification)?

Stedman calls it "a landscape poem," a term amply justified.

One thing at least is abundantly clear -- that, as Dr. Evans put it in the summary of his first year's results, 'that great early civilization was not dumb,' but, on the contrary, had means of expression amply adequate to its needs.

For the demoralized employees who remain, the new campaign means wristbands with the phrase "Protect Our House" and pep talks promising to keep "amply" rewarding the most successful among them amid a struggle with the sharp drop in mortgage lending as defaults soar and house prices decline.

The view which there burst upon us was such as amply repaid us for all our toil.

But he said that the redevelopment option would "amply" develop what was set out in Closer to Home.

"I will supplement 'amply' with 'well,' if you wish, but the insistent note about this dinner is certainly its amplitude.

The rise of country music as a leading working-class cultural form amply demonstrated this commitment to the flag.

The Sunday Times's Irish edition, amply provided with local content, sells 111,000 weekly, 11% of its UK and Ireland sale.

The huge and protuberant stomach was amply supported by wide and massive hips, and the shoulders were broad as those of a Hercules.

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