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Sentence with the word amplifier

The nice thing about a vinyl record played through a radiogram with a tube (valve) amplifier is that it sounded warm as opposed to bright.

There was a sudden scratching sound and the hum of an amplifier from the speakers in the ceiling.

As I tweated, amplifier is an awesome name for an award to win!

The amplifier is plugged into a USB port of the notebook for signal acquisition.

An oscillator circuit is basically a unity gain amplifier with the output feeding the input (phased shifted by 180 degrees).

Because the sensitivity of the crystal detectors and amplifier is more than

The principle of construction of an amplifier is very simple.

wrote favorably about the A-50T integrated amplifier from the Chinese company Cayin Audio.

It's a weird thing - a £600 amplifier, which is basically for hi-fi use it has phono inputs and speaker outputs on the back but with a guitar input on the front.

Atop the amplifier was a synthesized rhythm box; in front of it, a propped cardboard sign that read THE MANY MOODS OF SAMMY DALE in gilt-edged calligraphy.

My pipeline for new biz is HUGE this quarter, AMPlifier has been coming up BIG for me.

The AMPlifier makes me hate my job.

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