amplifications in a sentence

Sentence with the word amplifications

And with some small amplifications, that is all there was to it.

It also requires multiplexing of genomic DNA isolated from different individuals (pooling) in typically 8-fold pools, for mutation scanning, and to minimize the number of PCR amplifications, which is a strenuous and long-drawn-out work.

It also means that when you finally write your novel, your New York City editors will adore you, because years of journalism will have taught you the fine art of being edited - of how an impartial reader can suggest changes, cuts, additions and amplifications that will make what you've written even stronger.

Pardonnez-moi for these little amplifications of the truth, but if Chief Grape hasn't exactly had to rentrer le ventre, he has indeed been pinchedfor space.

I think most attempts at amplifications, or second parts, are unsuccessfull, and when they relate to what have eminently succeeded it appears to my mind like 'more last words of Mr Baxter.'

The alterations described are deletions or amplifications of genes.

The fantastic elements create enough distance to let you write freely, or they provide amplifications of things, but they're not an end in themselves.

A structure-built form that built amplifications which in turn built perception and awareness.

The right end of the political spectrum — and you silly trolls acting at their behest — can spin these interviews any way you and they want, but only a fool would buy the frankly silly explanations and amplifications offered.

The history of the 20th century is the history of failure of collectivism, writ large, but the programs and agenda of this administration are nothing but expansions and amplifications of these failures.

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