amped in a sentence

Sentence with the word amped

To me, it's all about what's on the screen when the lights go down, and no viral marketing can get me excited, or get me 'amped' up or 'generate buzz' to see it.

That metal dominates the list is not surprising: for getting "amped" there's no better soundtrack than reckless speed, brutally simple rhythm, and screamed anthems.

I was giving anonymously and kind of amped up the ante during the election, because I really liked that they were exposing especially Governor Palin's extreme anti-conservation issue.

I imagine that this news will make a lot of people in younger generations thoroughly "amped".

You know, maybe that movie may have brought it to people's consciousness -- that it may have kind of amped things up, so to speak.

Still, they have put their early-season nightmare rather well behind them and pride, at the very least, should keep them "amped" for the remainder of the calendar.

West's Hawaii studio, working as a kind of amped-up session musician.

I just kind of amped myself up a little too much and chased a pitch out of the zone early in the count and got myself in the hole and ended up having to try to hit some of his better pitches.

"Going through that kind of amped atmosphere, a lot of fans, a lot of people there to see you do your thing - same kind of scenario here," Lincecum said.

"We were kind of amped before the game," center Reeves Nelson said.

That dude is all amped up because he just snorted 60 dollars of ice in one line!

Did you take your meds today?" "Twenty miligrams worth, and I'm feeling so amped I could kill a damn verse.

My friend John gets AMPED when drinking mountain dew and listening to lil john!! WHAAAATT!! OK!!! YEEEEAH!!!

I was amped for the upcoming X-Games

I just smoked a bulb and I'm so amped!

tweaker's are always amped

Man that bitch gets pretty amped when it comes to sex.

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