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That's what they call the amortization schedule, which can go on for as long as forty years.

Mr. Funke Kupper reiterated that earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization from the division are expected to slide from around A$260 million in the 2010 financial year to A$100 million in 2012.

He also pledged that rental contracts between tenants and landlords will be converted into sales contracts under which tenants will become owners of housing quarters under a long-term amortization plan.

Report Abuse Bad loans are now allowed a long term amortization instead of direct write-off.

Don't consider a long-term amortization (such as 30-35 years) unless you are confident you'll later have spare funds to make prepayments.

The vast majority of those clients are simply renewing the loans with a longer term amortization schedule, because they still plan to come here and retire.

It's really just a short term amortization of mechanics for the intangible, so the rest of the backlog rolls out and the rest of the inventory rolls out in the third and fourth quarter.

The displayed amount of the unfunded pension liability could be increased even further if GASB lowers the so-called amortization period for unfunded liabilities, or the number of years funds can stretch the liability over.

Admittedly, Lion Capital will acquire Picard with debt of 5.5 times 2009 earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, which is well below the seven times at which previous owners BC Partners bought in.

David Paterson and lawmakers this summer approved a so-called amortization plan that allows state and local governments to reduce short-term obligations to the plan by spreading full payments over 10 years, but then paying interest on the deferred amount.

The amortization table indicates how many payments must be made before the vehicle is paid in full.

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