amnesia in a sentence

Sentence with the word amnesia

Okay, so, Dean knows his Angel enemas and maybe he figures amnesia is par for this particular course.

So poor Jamie Tyler sits there lingering in amnesia with the ever faithful Luke Smith by her side, Rose and the Doctor worried beyond belief at their daughter's condition, and the mystery of the Ganyites hanging over everybody, even though I know what it freaking is.

Some readers have suggested amnesia is a cop-out, a bad soap opera plot fix.

When it comes to the pain of childbirth, a little amnesia is a good thing.

She concludes he apparently suffers from a form of short term amnesia that does not allow him to make new memories more than five minutes old though his pre-flight remain okay.

And amnesia is the most cliche plot contrivance of the modern era.

But, then again, I suppose it's ultimately within the province of the fact-finder to determine whether the alleged case of amnesia is actually believable.

You guys 'amnesia is simply amazing, and a sure sign of naked and hypocritical partisanship.

All as a way of telling you that an epidemic of amnesia is sweeping our land.

All of the Antilles, every island, is an effort of memory; every mind, every racial biography culminating in amnesia and fog.

a condition that makes you forget things in your short term memory

I can't remember shit from last night, must have been totally ninja

Oh, oh! I have amnesia. Now I can't remember a thing.

hey dude did you hear the set at amnesia last night it was rincin'!

Dang, that woman must have amnesia!

Fei, Cloud, Squall, and many more characters have had amnesia, for the purpse to hide their intruiging pasts until it would best impact the plot to reveal it. The use of this dances the border between clever and contrived.

*After child is born* Jim: "i got Amber back in the sack straight after we got out of hospital!" John: "Dam she must have amnesia!

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    • forgetfulness
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    • antegrade amnesia, Ingram's amnesia, amnesia creeping, amnesia victim, amnesia struggling
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    • obliteration, disorientation, impairment, infarction, paralysis
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