amity in a sentence

Sentence with the word amity

They are like snarling, caged animals – they have been wild for so long, that the hand that comes to them in amity is bitten.

Brightly rationalizes, Who will live in amity and confidence with one who is scientifically proved to be predisposed to deeds of cruelty and destruction?

This gesture of political and personal amity is then replayed in the family setting.

Some 100,000 of these brown skinned fellow citizens of ours dwell among us in amity and complete equality today.

And yet they live together in amity, they consult together in times of emergency, they close their ranks to defend their way of life whenever it is threatened, as they are doing at this very moment.

They are the two examples of a common civilization, and if just administration and fair arrangements can be made there is no reason whatever why they should not live as they do live in amity together.

A striking example of how elements which many people have thought so diverse as to be incapable of being brought together in amity and wisdom for the purpose of working out methods for their common advantages is shown in the recent Bonne Entente movement to bring the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec into closer sympathy.

A vessel belonging to France (which, since the marriage of Margaret with Edward, had been in amity with England as well as Scotland) rode there, waiting a favorable wind.

When I reached Jugraon on the 20th January, all accounts agreed that the enemy was still at Baranhara, thirty miles from me, between Loodiana and Philour, a fortress of his on the right bank of the Sutlej, under cover of which he had crossed and perfected his invasion; but that he had also occupied with a small garrison the fortress of Budowal, which had been abandoned by the troops of a chief in amity with us, and that he had near it some two or three hundred Horse.

Until quite recently, West Beirut, traditionally Sunni, remained the one region where Moslems and members of other communities still lived in amity.

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  • Synonym for "amity"
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