american flag in a sentence

Sentence with the word american flag

Friends and strangers lined the streets holding signs and american flag.

The American flag is often scrutinized for various reasons and desecrated. The people responsible fail to realize that it is not the flag that is so importnat, it is what the flag represents. The flag is held in such esteem because some feel that their respect of the flag is a good way to show their respect for the Nation and our ideals. TO ALL THE FLAG BURNERS ETC: The flag that you desecrate, insult, burn and defile stands for the same values that protect your right to do so(1st Amendment). Without that right (in a dictatorship) you could be executed for said actions.

hey look, there are 900 flags on this street, I feel patriotic.

Some dude at the party ruined the 4th of July orgy by giving some chick an American Flag right on the couch.

This one asshole cut me off at a stop sign and i gave them a good old patriotic American Flag.

Every Nine-Eleven I go around carrying the flag to piss people off. It's fun." -me

Susan soon realized that giving an american flag to her boyfriend would result in a brutal blow to her face.

If you find a communist anti-American bitch who speaks bad about the USA, take her home and make her face look like the American Flag! Its fun and easy! Might adjust her attitute too.

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