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It can be amended itself, but this “amendment of an amendment” (an amendment of the second degree) cannot be amended.

To forestall that risk, appropriations conferees who support the McCain amendment will seek to block any effort to drop the amendment from the appropriations bill unless the White House promises that the President to sign the authorization bill as well.

The basis of the McCain amendment is establishing the Army Field Manual on Intelligence Interrogation as the uniform standard for interrogation.

It may be a little early but I was just wondering if you could characterize the impact of the label amendment in terms of the new patient starts in to the new year?

Then the committee takes a vote and the amendment is adopted, 12-11, with the 11 “no” votes all coming from the Green Team.

I think at the end the amendment is a judicial check on legislatures desire to one up each other by enacting over the top punishments.

This amendment is an unacceptable addition to the health care reform bill that, if enacted, would result in women losing health benefits they have today.

With homophobic violence still ever growing, the amendment is a worrying development for equality activists.

I think it may be the most detailed look yet in the Montana press at what the amendment is all about.

Simple grammatical analysis shows which part of the amendment is the operative part and which part is simply explanatory.

At the Mid-American Model United Nations, delegates submitted twenty-six amendments to the resolution proposed by Burkina Faso to the point that the delegate disavowed any ownership of the original proposal.

Congress pushed through the Health Care Bill after agreeing to the Stupak aMENdment.

Congress pushed through the Health Care initiative after passing the Stupak aMENdment.

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