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Sentence with the word amass

The more people you can put out of work, the more dependent you can make them on government, the more Democrat voters you have, the more political power you can amass, which is what all good statists down through history have sought: total domination and control.

Since his 1998 appointment as forestry minister, Obiang used his title to amass much of his fortune, prosecutors say.

The historians Blackburn and Ricards concluded that while prostitutes in Virginia City were not the richest people in town, they did amass more wealth than most of their customers.

Despite the boycott efforts of certain social conservatives, thousands of conservatives will amass in D.C. beginning Thursday for the Conservative Political Action Conference CPAC.

With the zeal of a crusading physician hell-bent on finding a cure for her patient, she grilled judges, fellow coaches, and officials to amass their best advice.

There were also ancestors who had managed to amass a considerable fortune.

Yes | No | Report from jamesti wrote 3 weeks 2 hours ago now that is art! how long did it take him to amass that much bone?

Given my present pace of shed-collection, it would take me a couple years to amass enough to create such a tree.

I offered to take Cousin shopping, explaining how I knew it could be hard to amass a "grown-up" wardrobe.

The allegations stem from Porsche's use of a complex options strategy to help amass nearly 75% of VW shares by October 2008.

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