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Sentence with the word am

‘I am not as good a man as my father was and my son is growing up worse than I am’.433

Very best wishes am sure you did away on retreat with the Brigittines in Holywell & then Iver Heath..but I love MV!

Who knows; maybe I am *am* being unreasonable here.

I am new to your blog and after coming here not able to stop coming again and again.

I'm inclined lately to start whining about SGA again, but I am aware exactly how much that kind of thing annoys people who *are* feeling good about life, the fandom, and everything, so I'm thinking I might lock everything down so as not to be that crushing killjoy that nobody likes well, so as to keep it somewhat under wraps that I *am* that crushing killjoy that nobody likes.

I am not at all worried about the future of the planet, but I * am* worried about the future of the human race.

I am not trying to frighten people, but I *am* personally feeling very frightened, especially this week and I suppose I am looking for reassurrance from people who are not dealing with fear symptoms: the tube really spooked me this week, then the news - ID cards, Anti terror laws, etc...

I think it is key to who I am and where I currently am . emotionally.

I do want protection from someone mistreating me because I am what I am

I _am_ a research supervisor with the Bureau of Standards, and I am here for a definite purpose.

I love pussy to be shaved.

Person with alot of ass pictures on the phone or computer. Sentence : Damn hes an AM.

nobody listens to AM anymore

He's still an amateur, he's not getting paid yet..

I have to wake up at 6:00 AM.

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