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Pilot whales are among the most intelligent of all marine mammals and have what is described as an altruistic nature, tending to remain with sick members.

Where Mo'doh becomes less altruistic is in its role as a "customer acquistion tool," in the words of CEO and

However, the good old boy network holds the real power --- and the individual who owns a relatively few shares is forced to engage in altruistic behavior to combat this idiocy.

If you can't figure out why blurting out 'I am moral and altruistic' is off-putting, then you've got some of that social autism Vox Day loves to go on about.

This high resolve, which is intentionally cultivated to the point of seeking enlightenment for the sake of bringing about the welfare of others, is called the altruistic intention to become enlightened.

It wasn't exactly altruistic, in other words, but the parties concerned were wise enough to see the bigger picture.

People definitely act in altruistic ways all the time, but you can’t design social platforms assuming everyone will do so regularly enough to keep things going.

His use of the term "basically altruistic" is surely intended to be provocative, but what the economist means is that terrorists are often acting out of a desire to help others in their group.

In court papers, lead prosecutor Kerry O'Connell has called the altruistic filicide defense "hollow" and an attempt "to execute an end-run" around the fact that Ms. Jordan couldn't satisfy the elements of other legally permissible homicide defenses, such as duress.

Ms. Jordan's lawyers have proposed a unique defense theory dubbed "altruistic filicide" claiming Ms. Jordan believed she had no alternative than to kill her son and take her own life.

i walked past a homeless man the other night. At first i walked past him and accross the road and then i thought no i cant do that so i walked accross to him and emptied all the coin out of ma wallet( about $10) and gave it to him and said lo after urself mate i will see u around friend says afetr i do it.... oh my god u are so altruistic

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